Sheeladevi Multipurpose Society's

Sheeladevi Multipurpose Society's

Hiwarkar Arts, Commerce and Science College, Wadi, Nagpur

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  • To establish and run education, training and guidance institutions in the different faculties of knowledge in academicals, medical, computer, management, agricultural, industrial, technical and physical and rehabilitation centers etc.
  • To take up social services, legal and legal literacy and social actions for the upliftment of the poor &…


To provide Education with an Excellent Ambience for Academics Conjugated with a Vibrant Environment for Enhancing the Extra & Co-curricular Skills Of Students To Enable Them To Meet The Challenges Of The Competitive World.


To Aspire and Strive For Excellence in Education & Research, By Developing & Sharpening the Intellectual Ability & Potential Of Learners For The Welfare Of Society And Stakeholders.

Code of Conduct for Teachers

  • Teachers should carry out academic, co-curricular and organizational activities that may be assigned to them from time to time.
  • Teachers should be a counselor and initiator. They should help, guide, inspire and promote the students to confirm the Teaching-Learning Process is effective and positive.
  • Teachers should maintain dignity both inside and outside the classroom and set a good example to the students.
  • Teachers should sign the attendance register while reporting for duty.
  • Teachers are expected to be present in the college campus 10 minutes before the college beginning time.
  • Teachers must report in time to duty as per the working hours prescribed and should be available in the campus unless and otherwise, they are assigned duties elsewhere.
  • Teachers should complete the syllabus in time; Teachers shall produce good results in the subject taught.
  • Teachers should attend Faculty Development Programs to update their knowledge.
  • Teachers should remain in the campus till the end of the College hours.

Code of Conduct for Non Teaching Staff

  • Non-teaching staff should accord just and unbiased treatment to all students irrespective of religion, community, caste, creed, sex, economic and social status.
  • Non-teaching staff should take full efforts to meet required standards in completing assigned duties.
  • Non-teaching staff should maintain good relationship and proper interaction with the students.
  • Non-teaching staff should not use their position in the institute for any misconduct, either with the students or with any faculty member.
  • Non-teaching staff should co-operate with the teaching staff, their colleagues, providing support, help and assistance as required and facilities effective communication throughout the college.
  • Non-teaching staff should exhibit the uppermost values of professional conduct that is required in an educational establishment.

Code of Conduct for Students

  • Students must keep the campus neat & clean and not throw waste in the campus except in the waste basket kept.
  • Students are expected to preserve silence and dignity in the academic building.
  • Students must compulsorily be present for all the assembly/project and presentation etc.
  • Any form of ragging and harassment of the fellow students in the campus is strictly prohibited and refrained. If found guilty he/she will be liable for criminal offence as per law, following the directives of Honorable Supreme Court of India.
  • Students are expected to strictly follow the six day work schedule i.e, Monday to Saturday.
  • Students must attend classes regularly in order to reach the desirable standards of academic attainment.
  • Students must maintain the highest standards of discipline and decent behavior inside the campus as well as outside. They shall strictly follow the rules and regulations of the college to maintain the dignity and esteem of the college.
  • Students must retain from doing any damage to the institute property.
  • Students use good languages in classroom.
  • Students have obedient with Teachers and Principal.
  • Students should be on time at the beginning of the day and after lunch and break.
  • Students have come prepare with stationery, workbooks and completed homework.
  • Students have been respectful to classmates and teachers.
  • Students have to raise their hands, if they want to speak.
  • Students have come to the college with professional neat clothing’s.
  • Students have rights to ask questions and encourage them to do the same.
  • Students have must co-ordinate with senior and junior also.
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